• Discover your own Brand Advertising around the World.

    Focus your B2B and B2C Marketing with full Screen Advertising. Reach your Idle customers on the India’s Largest Professional Display Network .

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  • Establish your brand & advertise Digital with a free Web Page

    Attract visitors at Digital Outlet and build brand awareness by posting your adds Digital. Showcase your brand in multiple cities with just in few clicks . Run your own marketing campaign free of cost .

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  • Building and Measuring Brand Awareness on MyDigiAdds Professional Display Network

    Greetings, marketers! We’re here to give you the most succinct and straight forward primer for success with branding on MyDigiAdds Display Network. To help you along with your advertising journey , we will supports you with our online support team guidance and Our Local distributor networks .

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Maximize the effectiveness of your Brand Advertising efforts on MyDigiAdds.

Measure what matters

Explore MyDigiAdds Visual recommendations to make impact on viewers to enhance your marketing efforts on the platform in a meaningful way. Explore the role of brand activity on Digital Display Full Screen for marketing and business success.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

At MyDigiAdds , Sales and Marketing Alignment is an important topic for us and our customers. We believe it’s a crucial foundation for advertising Digital in Multiple zones with Sales and Marketing to reach their full potential.

MyDigiAdds , India’s No. 1 Digital Advertising Company.

M/S. Digicloud Services, IT Services and Consultancy Company which is running its TWO vertical, One is Marketing & Advertising Consultancy and Second one is Triple Play Cable Solutions. It’s Operation Team having wide experience in IT integration with Business Marketing and Technology expert since last 20 Years, innovated a theme of ADVERTISE YOU DIGITAL and named its theme as MYDIGIADDS. MyDigiAdds is driven with three FUNDAMENTALS : -

  •   I – Integrated Next Generation Information technology Platform
  •    G – Go Green Eco system i.e. 100% Paperless Operation
  •    I – Innovated Idea to enhance B2B and B2C marketing for every customers

Go Green Eco System

Ensured 100% paperless operation from ordering to execution and Advertising techniques.

Innovative Branding

Highly integrated and innovated ideas of branding ones business with advance Marketing techniques.

Next Gen IT Platform

Delivery best platform for every brand a Digital techniques in VISUAL ,MARKETING and REACH.

Right Choice

Offering partners and customers to choose right platform to associate with MyDigiAdds to enhance a business in their location and also with geographical freedom.

Business & Product Search

Enhancing an easy platform for its audiences to reach right product at right location.

Security Concerns

Measuring 100% security over customers targeted data and its brand images with full ownership within the campaign

Short Term Add Campaign

Very Lucrative approach on immediate adds for a day or less than a week duration with integrated marketing campaign above three days selection

Mid Term Add Campaign

Associated Bonding with Customers for its Campaign More than a Week to Three Months . Enhancing its business with Integrated marketing support and tools.

Long Terms Add Campaign

Cross selling feature within the reach of MyDigiAdds Presence irrespective geographical location with long terms association of More than three Months.